The pros and cons of the political patronage system

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The pros and cons of the political patronage system.

The best example of the political patronage system, also known as the spoils system, is how when a President takes office, he or she appoints their cabinet members. I hope that the President has people in mind that are knowledgeable and capable, but the point being that one person chooses these positions based on the hirees political alliances. (Farlex, Inc., 2008) Political patronage means the same sort of hiring practices within any other company, but what I believe the typical problem is with this sort of hiring process is that it is viewed as a type of favoritism or prejudice. This could be a very good possibility, but as I said earlier, I would hope that anyone in charge of a business would want to hire the best possible person for the position in order to move his or her company forward in the most efficient manner. That is what I am here to talk about; the pros and cons of a human resource management system that depends on political patronage as a hiring rule.

Reference no: EM1334330


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