Explain important information about fedex

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Explain Important information about FedEx

I have selected FEDEX as the company I would like to use for this project, but am at a loss as to how to begin the assignment and would appreciate any help with the following information:

Identify the environmental factors that affect global and domestic marketing decisions. Address the following as they relate to the organization's marketing decisions.

Examine the importance of demographics and physical infrastructure.

Analyze the influence of global economic interdependence and the effect of trade practices and agreements. Analyze the influence of cultural differences.

Examine the importance of social responsibility and ethics versus legal obligations.

Analyze the effect of political systems and the influence of international relations.

Analyze the influence of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, as well as the influence of local, national, and international legislation.

Explain the effect of technology.

Reference no: EM1334329

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expands into the Middle East, India and China, revenue is growing at a 20% annually. Yet it is estimated that WU has only penetrated 15-20% of the $150 billion global money-transfer market.

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