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Sample Report Writing Work:

1. Organisational Behaviour
2. Article Critique
Read and summarize an article related to human resource management in relation to health care organizations. Each critique should be written utilizing correct APA format and should be no longer than two pages in length. No Plagiarism please.


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Various Format and Styling of an Essay

MLA Citations in an Essay

The term MLA is concerned to Modern Language Association (MLA) format mentions writers in several areas, generally notably the citations of sources. MLA style of n essay calls for the use of in-text citations close to the information you are borrowing, which is corresponding to full-length citations on your "Works Cited" document. The MLA publishes two handbooks which cover every conceivable citation situation, while writers will most frequently deal with books, periodicals & electronic sources.

MLA style explains information for formatting manuscripts or by means of the English language in writing. MLA style also offers writers with a referencing system their sources by parenthetical citation in their essays & Works Cited pages.

Writers who correctly use MLA also make their credibility by representing accountability to their source material. Most essentially, the use of MLA style may protect writers from accusations of copying, which is the focused or accidental non- credited use of source material by some other writers.

APA format & styling of an Essay

APA also full named as American Psychological Association is usually used to cite of sources within the social sciences. The essay must be typed, double-spaced on standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11") with 1" margins on all sides. You should keep a clear font that is very much readable. APA usually recommends using 12 pt. Times New Roman font. It includes a page header (also called as the "running head") at the top of every page. To generate a page header-running head, put in a page numbers flush right. Then you can type "TITLE OF YOUR PAPER" in the header flush left writing in all capital letters. Then the running head is a summarized version of your paper's title and may not exceed 50 characters involving spacing and punctuation.

Harvard Format Styling of an Essay

The Harvard styling is more similar to the APA (called as American Psychological Association) format but it keeps two main differences. The Harvard styling does not keep a manual and there are a variety of versions that may be followed. Thus, one ordinary element that is adhered to in Harvard writing format is using author name/ or date system when citing as articles, reference books, and other documents.

Similar to the APA style, Harvard essay styling format uses an in-text citation & bibliography at the last part or end of the essay. During citing a reference in the body of an essay, the author’s name and year of publication is incorporated and this information is enclosed in brackets. Bibliographic references are placed in alphabetic order and hold the name of the published or you can say unpublished material together with and the publisher. Information in the reference is interrelated on what is incorporated in the cited passage.

The other kinds and format of essay are given below

• Analytical Essay
• Descriptive Essay
• Argumentative Essay
• Critical Essay
• Narrative Essay
• Compare/Contrast Essay
• Process Essay