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Marketing can be described as a process in which we familiarize the potential clients with our ideas or products. It does not function independently. It is closely related with sales .Ideally it involves four steps like planning, research, production, and selling. All these four steps are very crucial. Firstly you need to know your customers requirements. Tapping a client’s door that totally does not need your services or products can result only in waste of resources. It is like selling flour when the season is windy. It can never happen.

With Globalization, companies now need to compete with the entire world. There are various innovative methods in marketing. Every company inescapably has a marketing division. They function in a variety of ways these days. Media, Online, Affiliate, Mutli level are the different popular strategies in marketing by which a company acquaint its prospective customer with their products or services.

Bear in mind that the centre point of any marketing is its prospects. They are people and they need to be dealt with carefully and cautiously. With competition growing from all directions we should grip and utilize all available opportunities. Know what the needs of your customers are and finally persuade them to buy your product which will happen automatically.

The problem that every consumer feels is the irresponsible answers from sellers after sales. Be accessible to your consumer at any point. One of the most important steps in recalling your product in the market is to have a good base of customers who are satisfied with your service.

The marketing subject has key importance in management courses and almost all courses of management, this subject is introduced. So it’s widely studied all around the world and one of popular subject for management studies. Every year millions of students around the world have to face marketing subject and related assignments, so it’s one of the popular subject and one of the most areas of study where students find so many difficulties and to solve them they look for online writing services.

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