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Concept behind positioning

Related with marketing strategies by the help of which marketers try to create a brand, image, name and fame in the minds of the target customer for its brand, product and the position of the product. It is for consumer and marketing people focus on marketing strategies to establish a company, its goals and the competition in the industry. It is done to create the minds of the customer. It is helpful in creating the image and brand name in the hearts and minds of the customer to increase the business and to generate some more customers and to increase the number of sale.

The strategies like product, place price and promotion comes in this tactics to create an impression in the customer mind and this happens with the help of market research because to position the product in a right place matters lot lifetime of a product because the target customers and the differentiation as well expansion strategy works out most in the world of positioning a product, brand etc.

What is positioning?

Positioning is all about creating a perception in the minds of the customer by making them aware of the existence of the product. Positioning when we break this word we get a new word that says position and to position the product marketers always use the simplest and the most useful tools to segment the market and to target the customer.

It is all about how you have created the minds of your customer and how successfully your strategies have been a great help to you. The marketer can apply the best strategy of price as well as quality to increase the awareness. Positioning requires answering certain questions like: why positioning is important? What position do you have today? What position do you want to have in future and tomorrow? Who is your competitor? What strategies your competitor owns for the position? What will be the helpful resources for you to position? What are your strategies and tactics? Do you feel your strategies will help you in positioning?

These are few questions a marketer need to always keep in mind because a position of the product matters a lot which requires investments for quality, for awareness, for helping customers to decide the quality of the product etc.

The concept of positioning is to understand the problems facing by the customer, to solve those problems and to provide the needs and requirements asked by the customer and help which benefit to the customers. Get a favorable and good perception by stakeholders, investors and number of people like lenders etc to enhance the image and the value of the brand which will also use the strategy of either emotional or rational appeal to attach the meaningful experience of love and belongings.

Positioning is done to help by the help of various techniques like survey techniques, questionnaires etc. it is all about to create and make the identity. There are number of products available in the market and there are no requirements which go beyond. Today consumers have choices and these choices affect the whole world. So how your products differentiate from your competitor’s product matters a lot.

There is a huge difference between positioning, differentiations and branding. Positioning is a term in which we can use differentiation strategy, the process in which company tries to identify themselves by using strategies like branding, brand loyalty program, event sponsorship programs for example Harley Davidson who have positioned their strategy in market that people know about the brand, product its cost features and quality. It depends on the company that how they want to create a mind of the people. How they want to create an expression and impression to their people.

Company uses different types of strategy and Branding is necessary when we are giving a unique name to our product and that unique identification defines our product or services. To present a view in the hearts and the minds of the consumer, one need to be reliable and very much wholesome from heart so can achieve a better success etc.

Brand personality has various characteristic like they should be sincere, excited, competitive, sophisticated and ruggedness and always down to earth.

So positioning can be of many types but to position the product a marketer needs to first analyze the needs and requirements and also a marketer needs to plan the right place and right strategy to start with so that the company won’t face any problems like wastage of cost, useless strategies etc. Branding evokes a mental image of what you must be like because you come from there the same thing with branding. When you describe to the people that your product has been made in the foreign country then it will not matter for a man or a woman but what matters them a most is which brand you belongs to like when you talk about Raymond’s, The complete man have done all the work for this brand because it gives such a nice impression to a person that they will highly satisfy with the product of this brand and happily purchase the product full of trust.