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Statistics: Importance of Statistical Methods, Statistical Experiment

Statistics is the field of science the deals with the collection, association, and understanding of data. It is concerned with every aspect of this, which includes the planning of data collection by the help of the designing of surveys and experiments.

A statistician is the one who is particularly knowledgeable in the ways of thinking that are necessary for the successful application of statistical analysis. These people gain this kind of experience through working in any of a large number of fields. A discipline called as mathematical statistics is also there which is concerned with the theoretical basis of the subject.

Statistics is sometimes considered to be a mathematical science relating to the collection, examination, explanation and presentation of data, while at other times it is considered to be a branch of mathematics that is concerned with the collection and interpretation of data. Owing to its pragmatic roots and its focal point on applications, statistics is usually considered to be a individual mathematical science rather than just a branch of mathematics.

Statisticians help to improve the quality of data through the design of experiments and by survey sampling. This field also provides the tools that are required for forecasting and prediction using data and statistical models. It is applicable to a broad variety of academic disciplines, which includes social and natural sciences, business and government. Statistical consultants are available who provide help to companies and organizations without direct access to the expertise that is relevant to the particular problems present.

The basic steps that are followed in a statistical experiment are:

  • Planning the research, this would include the finding of the number of replicates of the study.
  • The designing of experiments using blocking in order to reduce the influence of confusing variables, and following randomized assignment of treatments to subjects in order to allow balanced estimates of treatment effects and the experimental error
  • Performing the experiment following the proper experimental protocol and analyzing the data again following the protocol.
  • The further examining of the data that is set in secondary analysis, in order to suggest new hypotheses for future study.
  • Documentation and presenting the results of the study done.

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