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MATLAB is primarily indicated for numerical computing; additional toolbox that can be used as MuPAD symbolic engine that allows symbolic computing capabilities. MATLAB has wide range of applications in different backgrounds i.e. Engineering, Science, Economics, Math etc. You can use MATLAB in image processing, signal processing, control design, measurement and test, financial analysis, financial modeling, computational biology and numerical computation etc.

MATLAB – Numerical Computation

MATLAB follows statistical, mathematical and engineering functions to support science and all engineering operations. These functions are developed in math and these are the fundamental part of MATLAB. The math functions use the LAPACK & BLAS linear algebra subroutine libraries and FFTW Discrete Fourier Transform.

MATLAB can be used for performing mathematical operations

1. Matrix Manipulation
2. Linear Algebra
3. Data Analysis
4. Polynomials
5. Statistics
6. Optimization & Numerical Integration
7. Ordinary Differential Equations
8. Partial Differential Equations
9. Sparse Matrix Operations
10. Arithmetic Operations

MATLAB can be used in other application as

11. Developing Algorithms & Applications
12. Analyzing & Accessing Data
13. Visualizing Data
14. Deploying Application and Publishing Results
15. Interface with other programming languages

Difficulties faced by students while solving MATLAB problems

MATLAB is a software program and it is a combination of words MAT and LAB where MAT refers matrices and LAB refer laboratory. As It is shown by name the purpose of this software is to solve mathematical problems. This mathematical software used in applied mathematics, in education and research at universities and in industries as the name shows it particularly used for linear algebraic problems but it is also a good tool for solving problems of the differential equation and numerical integration. With the help of powerful graphic tool MATLAB also shows the nice picture in 2D and 3D. This software program also has some other tools which used for image processing, signal processing, and optimization. In the world of programming languages, MATLAB is easiest programming language to write the mathematic program.

This software program consists of five main parts:

1. The language
2. The working environment
3. Handle Graphics
4. The Mathematical function library
5. The Application Program interface

The Language:
The MATLAB language used for the solve of both small and large program problems. The language is consisting of high-level matrix/array language with data structures, input and output functions, object related programming features.

The Working Environment:

The MATLAB working environment is the set of tools and facilities that help while working on it. These set of tools and facilities help to manage the variables in the workspace and importing and exporting the data. It also helps to manage, develop and debug the MATLAB’s files and its applications.

Handle Graphics:

These MATLAB graphic ways consist of high-level commands for two-dimensional and 3-dimensional data visualization, animation, processing of image and presentation of graphs. By using its low level of commands, the appearance of graphs can be completely customized.

The Mathematical Function Library:

It is the collection of computational algorithms which covered elementary functions such as sum, sine, cosine and complex arithmetic functions and sophisticated functions like matrix inverse, matrix eigen values, Bessel functions and fast Fourier transforms.

The Application Program Interface (API):

This is MATLAB library which helps to interact other programs, such as C++ and Fortran, with the MATLAB.


Though MATLAB has so many qualities, it is easy to understand and easy to understands, it also has set of tools which but with this entire student faced the same problem at the initial stage while working on MATLAB. To store data MATLAB takes a large amount of memory.

This software program’s execution speed is slow. It takes the time to interpret data and its analysis which in turn slow the speed of execution.

The MATLAB software is very case sensitive for UPPER case letter and Lower case letter. It does not show the commands if you write capital Z in small z. students must be care full while entering the case letters.

To understand MATLAB student should have awareness of c language. Since MATLAB interacts with the C+ and FORTRAN language, therefore, it is necessary to understand these languages also.

The output of MATLAB is compact. If software program does computation with 15 digits’ accuracy but shows the result of only 5 digits. Students face problems to get the result more than 5 digit. to get the long result there is command ‘long z’ used in MATLAB.

Students also have problems in the use of exponential and logarithm function. When they use ‘’e^x’’ or ‘’ln(x)’’ don’t get results. The reason is that this is not the right method to write these functions it writes as exp (x) instead of e^x and log (x) instead of ln(x).

There are some problems faced by students in making of graphs. The labeling of the graph is little difficult. There is four type of commands used in the graph which are a title, x-axis, y-axis, and legends.

By default, graph paper is vertically oriented, that’s why graph view is smaller, to see the larger plot, use horizontal view and select landscape.

Sometime student gets trouble to put all graphs on one page. This is little tricky to put all graphs on one page in proper order. By use of respective commands in a proper manner, this problem can also overcome.

If there are so many curves in a graph and you want to change the color of specific curve or need to change the thickness of the line, it is little difficult for students to show out the specific area, extract the result from that area.

If MATLAB suddenly stops while the student is working on it then retrieve the files from MATLAB library is also create difficulties for students.

Students face problems to see the more than one plot in m-files.

Initially, students faced the problems in making matrices and solving of it. If you are not aware of C language, then MATLAB will not be easy to understand.

To understand the fundamentals of graph algorithm is also not easy. Simulation is also a problematic area for the students.

Students should careful about all syntax otherwise program unable to show the result.

It is problematic for the student to make a solution of large differential equation initially. Expertise required solving large and complex problems.

All these difficulties could be overcome by practicing the program again and again. As it mentions above it is easy language and its set of tools and facilities helps to understand it fast. By understanding the logic and give attention to minor details and be take care of all, while making programs, it will make this language easy to understand.

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