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Web Desigining

Web design is an upcoming term which is used generally in order to describe anyone of the numerous tasks which are involved in the creation of a web page. In more precise terms, it encompasses the jobs centered on making the front to end of a web page. The web comprises of countless pages that present information utilizing various technologies and are linked together with hyperlinks. Basically there are two features of any web page that is found on the Internet. The first consists of a presentation that allows the user to interact with it, visually normally. The second is a back-end which comprises information for non-human browsers.

The fundamental markup language that is utilized for telling a browser as to how to present information is called the HTML or the Hypertext Markup Language. A stringent version of HTML is also used popularly, called as XHTML or eXtensible HyperText Markup Language. By the help of XHTML or HTML, a web designer can tell a browser as to how a web page should look like. There has been a drive since the past few years towards unraveling the underlying structure of a web-page by using HTML from the visual presentation of the site by employing CSS or Cascading Style Sheets. This strategy has several advantages both in the short term as well as in the long term, which and is becoming more popular with time. From a technical view, web designing can be quite tough. In contrast to more conventional print media, the HTML has several different factors. As a start, all the browsers do not interpret HTML as per the standards established by the standard-setting body that is the World Wide Web Consortium, also referred to as W3; which implies that while one piece of web design shall look as the designer wants in one browser, however it might seem totally differently in another. A number of fixes are devised to try and avoid browser-specific bugs however it is a shaky business even at its best. One of the other major restraining factors of web design is the surplus of formats in which a site can be viewed. Though graphic designers know precisely what the dimensions of the piece of paper are on which they shall be printing, but a web designer must take into consideration diverse monitor sizes, various display settings, including even browsers made for non-sighted surfers. Altogether, these anxieties frequently cause a web designer struggle to integrate enough dynamism for making a web page striking on a series of browser sizes, at the same time creating an outline inert enough to permit the usage of images plus other essentially fixed-size components.

Apart from CSS and XHTML, web designers frequently use a number of database driven languages which make provision for increased interactivity and dynamism on the websites. Though helpful with smaller websites, languages which are database driven form a practical need on any site presenting a large amount of data. The most popular languages supported by dynamic web designing comprise of PHP, ColdFusion and ASP. Flash from Macromedia also permits for a unique class of web design and is very popularly used by various web designers. The prospects for web design are virtually without boundaries, even though at some stage they were quite inhibited by the boundaries of the browser itself. The arrival and user-friendliness of Flash with other rooted technologies, almost have removed these boundaries, but have room for adaptability and dynamism which confronts the imagination of anyone who is interested in web designing. There are of course great avenues for the creative minds in the society who want to make use of their talent towards web designing.