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What is a Literature Review?

A literature review is termed as an account of what of what has been published on a topic by accredited researchers and scholars. Literatures review is an overview of the relevant literature and significant literature on a specific research area. It over-views the critical points of current information on a specific topic. For instance a survey of articles, conference papers, books, theses etc. It is regularly constraint to a particular timeframe, and it should be included a description, summary & critical evaluation of the reference materials presented.

A literature review is not a list summarising and describing one piece of literature after another. The aim of a literature review is to demonstrate your capability to recognize the relevant information and outline the given or existing information; identify the “gap” in the research that your work will point or address or produce a rationale or justification for your knowledge or study.

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Defining litDefining literature review – It is an important part of a research proposal or an article which develops the connection between the “existing or given knowledge and the problem associated with that is being investigated.”

The purpose or aim of a literature review is given below:

• Refines the problems of researchint or theoretical point of reference
• Develops meanings and significance
• Identify methodological limitations –choose best work methods
• Identify contradictory findings
• Research hypotheses development
• Learn and discover new information and knowledge

The literature review is necessary for explaining and defining the research problem and developing and discovering an understanding of the problem investigated.

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Example of Literature Review Assignment

Programme: Business Information Systems

Topic: IT Organisation: In-Sourcing and Out-Sourcing

Write a short literature review on the ‘Risks’ and ‘Rewards’ of IT Outsourcing to an Organisation.

For example you may use the risks and rewards of IT outsourcing of off shoring.

Create the Concept Centric Matrix Base Template.

Required Format: a) 1,500 words approximate, excluding references.
b) All external sources of information must be referenced
c) Font-Times New Roman size 12
d) Spacing 1.5

Coverage of subject area (did it fully answer the question asked?) 50%

Research: Books, Articles, Blogs, Academy Journal so on... and use of reference to appropriate material 25%

Clear and well-formed recommendations/ conclusion 25%

Guide to Marks:

0-40% Very poor, clearly inadequate coverage of material, poor quality of report, badly prepared or confusing presentation.

40-50% A subject and associated notation have been clearly identified and defined. However no clear overview or analysis of the notation.

50-60% A subject and associated notation have been identified and clearly explained in report and presentation. Some analysis of the particular problems posed by the domain and/ or of the strengths and weaknesses of the notation.

60-70% Subject and notation clearly explained. Reasonable analysis of the problems posed by the domain and of the strengths and weaknesses of the notation. However some issues may have been left unaddressed.

70-80% Excellent coverage. Clear exposition of domain and notation. Issues around representation problems and the strengths and weaknesses of the notation have been thoroughly reviewed. Report and presentation both of high standard.

80-100% Outstanding. Thorough coverage of subject and notation. Perceptive analysis and assessment accompanied by interesting/ original ideas or new perspectives. Excellent report and presentation.