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Modern biology can be said to be made up of five basic principles namely: Cell Theory, Evolution, Genetics, Homeostasis, and Energy.

Cell theory

Cell theory explains that the cell is the fundamental unit of life and that all living things are made up of either one or more cells or their secreted products. All cells arise from preexisting cells by a process called cell division. Also, the phenomenon of energy flow occurs in cells through processes that are the result of the process known as metabolism. And lastly, cells contain hereditary information called as DNA which is passed on from cell to cell during cell division.

Genes are the fundamental units of inheritance in all living organisms. A gene corresponds to a region of DNA that mediates the function of an organism in specific ways. Every organism, from bacteria to the higher animals, has the same basic machinery that copies and ultimately translates DNA into proteins. The cells transcribe a DNA into an RNA, and the ribosome then translates the RNA into a protein, a sequence of amino acids.

Homeostasis is the capacity of an open system to regulate its internal environment so as to maintain stability by means of multiple adjustments of dynamic equilibrium which are controlled by interrelated regulatory mechanisms. All the living organisms, both unicellular and multicellular, exhibit the process of homeostasis.

The very survival of a living organism depends on the continuous supply of energy. The chemical reactions those are responsible for the structure and function of an organism need to derive energy from substances that act as its food and transform them in order to help them form new cells and sustain them.

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