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Introduction to Zoology

Zoology is branch of biology that deals with study of animal kingdom, including structure, evolution, embryology, classification, habits and distribution of animals both extinct and living. Thus zoology is a biological discipline which deals with the study of animals. Some of basic terms and branches related to zoology are descriptive zoology, Comparative anatomy, Animal physiology, Behavioral ecology, Ethology, mammalogy, herpetology, ornithology and entomology, Evolutionary biology, Molecular Biology, Palaeontology, Systematics, phylogenetics, cladistics, biogeography, phylogeography and taxonomy.

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Topics under zoology

• Introduction to Zoology
• Living World
• Tissues
• Biology in Human Welfare
• Human Health, Diseases, Immunity System
• Discovery of Life
• Classification of Animal
• Genetics
• Morphology of Animals
• Philosophy of Animals
• Reproduction, Growth & Development

Zoology Main Topics