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Physiology deals with the study of life, particularly, how tissues, cells or organisms work. Physiologists are continuously making efforts to answer important questions in various areas ranging from the single cell’s function to the connections between inhabitants and environment on the earth, the moon, and further than that. In order to answer these queries, physiologists do work in libraries, in laboratories, in the field, or in space. Say for instance, a physiologist might study how a certain enzyme plays a role to the functions of a particular cell or sub cellular organelle. In addition, a physiologist can make use of the plain nerve networks found in marine snails to answer questions about the basic mechanisms of memory and learning. In physiology, investigators may examine the cardiovascular system of an animal to find answers about heart attacks and other human diseases or disorders. Physiology also includes how the body gets used to temperature and other several environmental extremes encountered on the earth, or may be the zero gravity encountered in space flights. This field of biology is imperative for the reason that it is the base upon which we put together our knowledge of what life is, or how to take care of a disease, or else how to cope up with the stresses imposed upon our bodies by new environmental conditions. Physiological studies of normal biological function give the foundation for understanding the abnormal function seen in animal and human disease along with developing innovative methods for treating those diseases, it is known as translational research. Loads of physiologists pay great attention on the use of animal models as an essential tool in their research. The study of physiological methods can include a broad array of other disciplines, like cell biology, neurophysiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology etc.

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