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Biodiversity is the level of variation of life forms within a given biome, an ecosystem, or an entire planet. It is a measure of the health of the ecosystems. A greater biodiversity implies better health. It is a part of the function of climate. In terrestrial habitats, it has been found that tropical regions are typically rich whereas Polar Regions have fewer species.

Rapid and sudden environmental changes naturally cause extinctions. It has been estimated that less than 1% of the species that have existed on Earth are existing at present.

Since the beginning of life on Earth, as many as five major mass extinctions and several minor events have occurred that led to large and sudden drops in the biodiversity. The Phanerozoiceon marked a rapid growth in biodiversity during which nearly every phylum of multicellular organisms appeared first. The next 400 million years included repeatedly occurring massive biodiversity losses that are classified as mass extinction events. In the Carboniferous era, rainforest collapse led to a great loss of plant and animal life. Again the Permian–Triassic extinction event was the worst; as vertebrate recovery took almost some 30 million years. And the most recent event, the Cretaceous–Tertiary extinction event, that occurred 65 million years ago, has often attracted more attention than others because it resulted in the extinction of the dinosaurs. The period since the evolution of humans has displayed an ongoing reduction in the biodiversity and an accompanying loss of genetic diversity. The reduction is caused primarily by human impacts, particularly destruction in the habitat. The impact of Biodiversity on human health is a major international issue.

Biodiversity is the result of evolution since the last 3.5 billion years. The origin of life has not been positively established by science yet, however some evidence has suggested that life may already have been well-established only a few hundred million years after the formation of the Earth. All life consisted of archaea, bacteria, protozoans and similar single-celled organisms until approximately 600 million years ago.

Fossil records suggest that the last few million years have featured the greatest biodiversity in history. Diversity has appeared to be increasing continually in the absence of natural selection.

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