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Introduction to Botany


Botany also termed as plant biology, plant science and phytology is a part of biology that deals with scientific study of plant and its life. Botany covers study of plants, algae & fungi, including growth, structure, metabolism, reproduction, diseases, development, chemical properties and evolutionary relationships among taxonomic groups. As with study of biology, plant life is studied from different perspectives from genetic, molecular and biochemical level through cells, organelles, tissues, organs, individuals, plant populations and communities of plants. Thus botanist might be concerned with structure anatomy and morphology or function physiology of plant life, the classification of taxonomy.

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Topics under botany

• Botany Introduction
• External Morphology
• Reproduction in Angiosperms
• Plant Taxonomy
• Cell Biology
• Internal Organization in Plant
• Plant Ecology
• Genetics
• Plant Kingdom
• Microbiology
• Plant Physiology
• Plant & Human Welfare
• Biotechnology

Important Terms: Cell, Ecosystem, Plant, Algae, Bacteria, Fungi, Photosynthesis, Respiratory, Growth and Movements, Translocation, Transpiration, Heredity, Human Evolution, Fruits, Cell Differentiation, Sporogenesis.