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Advertising-A Marketing Channels

Advertising is not same for all. It is the different things to different people. It is a business for some people, for some people it is an art, for someone else it is a phenomenon might be related to culture and for few of them it might be an institution.

It is a part of integrated marketing communications. It helps in the co-ordination and communication of all promotional efforts which includes advertising that is meant to say sales promotion, direct mail, public relations which is a media of communicating messages through marketing channels, companies reach the customers by these channels and they communicate through various media like advertising, magazines, television, radio and many more channels.

It is a presentation which is paid and have ideas about promotion etc. it is handled by people who are in sales or in marketing. Advertising improves the level of communication and helps in creating the awareness among peoples. The objectives of advertising are basically to achieve the goals and objectives, to know the money factors which need to be given the high priority. The main aim of advertising is communication. It creates brand awareness; it creates the knowledge and information of the product and services.

It also aims in the liking and preference part, the conviction, the purchase of a product or a service, it objectives emerge from a thorough analysis of the current situation of the market, of the recent trends, recent designs, the latest choice of the consumers. It makes a marketer’s real image and creates a perception to purchase that particular item either product or services. If a marketer wants to increase their sales, he needs to advertise his products and brand in a very proper manner by the help of real marketing tools and advertising media through different channels and different media agencies. Suppose you are using the real estate advertising you can see that people do advertising by the help of hoardings, banners, show flats, various types of channels like they give their details of flats with proper details of residential, commercial, office etc with all the amenities which they are going to provide there.

New products require advertising for awareness for gaining the profits, for achieving the brand and new products always need to have a proper advertising. Dove has done a great job in this field in advertising and creating awareness because dove’s target market is so strong and so nice that they target the real women by their beauty soap, they target the women and the soap is highly recommended by the real women. So dove has done a good advertisement in creating awareness because most of the women want to prefer dove as it is a belief of a real woman.

Dettol have also done a very good job in advertisement by creating the punch line “whose hands are you holding” which gives a better message to people who are travelling in metros. It also created awareness successfully.

For example To the CEO of a multinational corporation like Pepsi, advertising is an essential marketing tool that helps create brand awareness and loyalty and stimulates demand. To the owner of the small retail shop advertising is a way to bring people into the store. To the art director in an advertising agency, advertising is the creative expression of a concept. To a media planner it is a way a firm uses the mass media to communicate to current and potential customers. To scholars, it is an important cultural artifact and text. Sometimes determining what is advertising and what is not advertising is not just a simple task.

Advertising is a paid, mass-mediated attempt to persuade. As direct and simple as this definition seems, it is loaded with distinctions. In advertising the company or organization that pays for advertising is called the client or sponsor. If a communication is not paid for, it is not known as advertising.

For example a form of promotion called publicity is not advertising because it is not paid for. Let’s say an example of Will Smith because it appears on the Late Show with David Letteman to promote his newest movie. Is this advertising? No because the product studio did not pay the late show with David Letteman for airtime. In this example, the show gets an interesting and popular guest, the guest star gets exposure, and the film gets plugged.

Everyone is happy, but no advertising took place-it might be public relations but it is not advertising. But when the film studio produces and runs ads for the newest movie. All advertising has three essential criteria which need to meet. First is the communication must be paid. Second is the communication must be delivered to an audience via mass media, third the communication must be attempting persuasion. It is important to note here that advertising can be persuasive communication not only about a product or service but also about an idea, a person or an entire organization. When Colgate and Honda use advertising, this is product advertising and meets all these criteria.