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 Mathematics is the study of space, structure, relation, change and many other topics of pattern. Now these days, mathematics is used around the world as an essential & important tool in most of the fields, including social science, medicine, engineering, natural science etc. 
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o    Algebra

o    Linear Algebra

o    Boolean Algebra

o    Abstract-Modern Algebra

o    Number Theory

o    Set Theory

o    Measures Of Central Tendency

o    Matrices-Matrix Algebra

o    Determinants

o    Binomial Theorem

o    Permutation and Combination

o    Complex Number

o    Sequences and Series


o    Algebraic Geometry

o    Co-ordinate Geometry

o    Laws of Triangle

o    Straight Line

o    Circle

o    Ellipse

o    Hyperbola

o    Parabola

o    3D-Geometry

o    Vectors

o    Topology


o    Probability

o    Discrete Mathematics

o    Trigonometry

o    Trigonometric Equations

o    Calculus

o    Mathematical Analysis

o    Mathematical Logic

o    Combinatorial Analysis

o    Statics And Dynamics

o    Numerical Analysis & Methods

·         Engineering Mathematics

·         Data Modeling

·         Applied Mathematics

·         Differential Equations

·         Integral Equations

·         More Topics