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Calculus is a branch of mathematics that was developed from algebra and geometry. Calculus is concerned on the concept of limits theory. It consists of two complementary ideas: integral calculus and differential calculus.

Differential calculus is mainly concerned with the instantaneous rate of change of quantities with respect to others quantities and more precisely, it is local behavior of functions. This may be illustrated by the slope of a function’s graph. Examples for example finding the acceleration or velocity of a free-falling body at a particular moment and finding the optimal number of units a company should produce to maximize its profit.

Integral calculus is mainly concerned with the accumulation of quantities, such as linear distance traveled, areas under a curve, or volume displaced. The integral calculus acts inversely with differential calculus. Examples of typical integral calculus problems include finding the amount of water pumped through a pump with a set power input and varying conditions of pumping losses and pressure, finding areas and volumes and finding the amount of rain that fell in a certain area if the rain fell at a specific rate.

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Main Calculus Topics:

1. Limit of a Function
2. Continuity of a Function
3. Concept of Differentiation
4. Rules of Differentiation
5. Applying Differentiation to Draw Graphs
6. Integrals of function containing linear functions of x
7. Methods of Integration
8. Definite integrals