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Defining Trigonometric Functions

In mathematics, the trigonometric functions, also known as circular functions are functions of an angle. They are mainly used to make relation of the angles of a triangle to the lengths of the sides of a triangle. Trigonometric functions are very important in learning trigonometry mathematics and the study of triangles or modeling periodic phenomena among other applications. Trigonometric functions are sine, cosine and tangent. These functions have many uses including computing lengths and angles of triangles.

Trigonometric Triangles

Trigonometric Functions

Trigonometric Functions

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Study of trigonometric functions involves Defining Sine, cosine, Tangents, Reciprocal functions, Slope definitions, defining unit circle, series definitions, Identities, Special values of trigonometric functions, Inverse Functions, Properties and Applications, Laws of Sine, Laws of cosines, Laws of tangents, Periodic functions