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Mathematical logic is a subfield of mathematics which is closely interlinked with computer science and philosophical logic. Mathematical logic study includes that study of set theory, model theory, first order logic, recursion theory, proof theory, definability and constructive mathematics. In learning mathematical logic students need high analytical capabilities, where each student has their own limits. Sometime they need expert’s guidance to solve their problems. We at have instant qualified and experienced mathematics expert’s group who are working in such domain providing help with student’s problems and assignments. We offer mathematical logic homework help, mathematical logic assignment help and instant problems solutions with talented math experts.

Mathematical logic is also known as symbolic logic, it is a subfield of mathematics that is close connections to theoretical computer science, foundations of mathematics and philosophical logic.

Topics in Mathematical Logic

Working foundations: Peano axioms, Giuseppe Peano, Mathematical induction, Structural induction, Recursive definition, Element, Ur-element, Naive set theory, Singleton, Simple theorems in the algebra of sets, Algebra of sets, Power set, Empty set, Non-empty set, Empty function, Universe, Axiomatization, Axiomatic system, Axiom schema, Axiomatic method, Formal system, Mathematical proof, Direct proof, Proof by exhaustion, Reduction ad absurdum, Nonconstructive proof, Constructive proof, Tautology, Consistency proof, Foundations of mathematics, Formal language, Principia Mathematics, Hilbert's program, Impredicative, Definable real number, Algebraic logic, Boolean algebra, Dialectica space, categorical logic

Model Theory: Finite model theory, Descriptive complexity theory, Model checking, Computable model theory, Trakhtenbrot's theorem, Tarski's exponential function problem, Undecidable problem, Institutional model theory, Institution (computer science), Non-standard analysis, Non-standard calculus, Hyperinteger, Hyperreal number, Transfer principle, Overspill, Elementary Calculus: An Infinitesimal Approach, Criticism of non-standard analysis, Standard part function, Set theory, Forcing (mathematics),Boolean valued model, Kripke semantics, Predicate logic, General frame, First-order logic, Infinitely logic, Many-sorted logic, Higher-order logic, Lindström quantifier, Second-order logic, Soundness theorem, Gödel's completeness theorem, Original proof of Gödel's completeness theorem, Compactness theorem, Löwenheim-Skolem theorem, Skolem's paradox, Gödel's incompleteness theorems, Structure (mathematical logic), Interpretation (logic), Substructure, Elementary substructure, Skolem hull, Non-standard model, Atomic model (mathematical logic), Prime model, Saturated model, Existentially closed model, Ultraproduct, Age (model theory), Amalgamation property, Hrushovski construction, Potential isomorphism, Theory (mathematical logic), Complete theory,