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Introduction to Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics is a subdivision or branch of mathematics that deals itself with mathematical methods thApplied mathematics is a subdivision or branch of mathematics that deals itself with mathematical methods that are used in engineering, science, business and industry. So called applied mathematics is a mathematical science with specialized knowledge. The "applied mathematics" term describes the professional specialty which includes mathematicians work on practical problems, as a profession focused on practical problems, applied mathematics focuses on the study of mathematical models and formulation. The practical applications have motivated the development and enhancement of mathematical theories, the subject of study in pure mathematics, where mathematics is developed mainly for its own sake. So called the activity of applied mathematics is mainly connected with research in pure mathematics.

Applied Mathematics includes the classical areas, as well as some other fields that have become increasingly important in applications. The field includes number theory which is part of pure mathematics are important in applications, they are not generally known to be part of the field of applied mathematics. Somewhere the term applicable mathematics is used to distinguish between the traditional applied mathematics that developed alongside the many areas of mathematics and physics that are applicable to real-world problems and applications. are only "applications of mathematics"; similarly, non mathematicians blend applied mathematics and applications of mathematics. The development and use of mathematics to solve industrial problems is also known industrial mathematics.

The success of modern numerical mathematical methods or software has led to the emergence of computational science, computational mathematics,, and computational engineering, which use high performance computing for the simulation of phenomena and the solution of problems in the engineering and sciences. These are often known interdisciplinary disciplines.

Utility of Applied Mathematics

The mathematics was most important in the engineering and natural sciences in past. The fields other than of the physical sciences have spawned the creation of new fields or areas of mathematics, for example social choice theory and game theory that grew out of economic considerations or neural networks, that arose out of the study of the brain in neuroscience.

The advent of the computer has been created new applications: using and studying the new computer technology itself (computer science), using computers to fine out or study problems arising in some other areas of science known as computational science, and learning the mathematics of computation for example computer algebra, theoretical computer science, numerical analysis. Statistics is probably the most widespread mathematical science used in the social sciences, but some other areas of mathematics are proving increasingly valuable in these disciplines, most notably in economics.

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