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Math: - The study of math is concerned with space, structure, relation, change and many other area and pattern. At present, math is used all around the world as an essential or very important tool in most of the fields and areas, including social science, engineering, medicine, natural science and others.

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Quantitative mathematics:- The study of quantitative mathematics concerns with numbers and first the familiar natural numbers and integers or arithmetical operations, these are characterized in arithmetic.

1. Real Numbers
2. Natural Numbers
3. Complex Numbers
4. Rational Numbers
5. Integers

Structural Mathematics: - This is characterized in following subfields. Math experts can help in these topics providing assignment & project help:

1. Number theory
2. Order theory
3. Abstract algebra

Space Mathematics:- The study of space concerns with geometry – in particular, Euclidean geometry.

1. Geometry
2. Algebraic geometry
3. Differential geometry
4. Trigonometry
5. Topology
6. Fractal geometry

Change:- Describing change is a general theme in the natural sciences and calculus is developed as a powerful tool to investigate it.

1. Calculus
2. Vector calculus
3. Differential equations
4. Chaos theory
5. Dynamical systems

Foundations / philosophy:- Foundations of mathematics termed such as mathematical logic, proof theory, axiomatic set theory, model theory or recursion theory. ExpertsMind’s math experts can assist you in solving assignments & projects in these topics.

1. Philosophy of mathematics
2. Set theory
3. Category theory

Mathematical logic: - Mathematical logic is a sub discipline of mathematics with close connections to philosophical logic and computer science. offers best assignment & projects assistance in these topics.

1. Model theory
2. Recursion theory
3. Proof theory
4. Set theory

Discrete Mathematics:-

1. Combinatorics
2. Cryptography
3. Theory of computation
4. Graph theory

Applied mathematics:- List of applied mathematics topics are given below: offers assignment & project help in these topics with best online assistance.

1. Analytical mechanics
2. Mathematical physics
3. Mathematical fluid dynamics
4. Optimization
5. Numerical analysis
6. Probability
7. Statistics
8. Financial mathematics
9. Mathematical economics
10. Game theory
11. Mathematical biology
12. Operations research
13. Cryptography
14. Information theory
15. Dynamical systems
16. Control theory