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Engineering Mathematics Introduction and Specification

The word "mathematics" originates from the Greek word μάθημα (máthēma), which means science, learning, and study. Mathematics is the study of various quantities, space, structures and change. Mathematicians find out various patterns, formulate new conjectures, and establish truth by rigorous deduction from appropriately chosen axioms and definitions.

Earlier application of mathematics was limited to few fields only like land measurement, commerce, architecture etc. But in recent days without mathematics find its application in almost all science fields. Without mathematics we cannot even think about a single day nowadays.

Engineering mathematics is a branch of mathematics that deals with mathematical methods that are vastly used in engineering, science, and in industries. So a mathematical science with specialized knowledge is called as "engineering mathematics". The term itself describes the professional specialty. It focuses basically on the study and formulation of various mathematical models. For students interested in pursuing their career in engineering. a new sequence of mathematics courses has been developed. This sequence course will cover various important areas of engineering mathematics, namely: Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Differential equations, Complex Variables, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Methods, Transform Theory etc. And it will emphasize various practical engineering applications and computation using MATLAB software.

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