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Geometry is a branch of mathematics that is concerned with questions relating to shape, relative position of figures, size and the properties of space. Geometry is study about points, lines, surfaces, curves etc and their properties. We at Expertsmind offer algebraic geometry solutions, geometry mathematics assignment help, geometry math homework help, math project help and geometry problems solutions. Experts at are highly qualified and experienced. Their motto is to solve problems of students who are facing trouble in their studies. Our mathematics experts are very talented and they can solve toughest geometry problems with best possible answers. We offer email based math homework help & assignment help and instant geometry mathematics project assistance anytime 24*7 hours. Most of students are taking online geometry sessions for their competitive studies.

Why geometry?

1. Spatial Understanding: Understanding of world, study areas related to space, the position, size and shape.
2. Numbers & Measurements:
3. Visual Ability
4. For understanding 3-D co-ordination system
5. Geometry is a practical science that is concerned with measurements, surveying, areas and volumes.

Main Topics in Algebraic Geometry

1. Locus
2. Straight Lines & Family of Straight Lines
3. 3-D Straight Lines
4. Circles
5. Tangents
6. Defining Conics, Curves, Parabola, Ellipse, Hyperbola & Concept of Chords, tangents and normals