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You have been working as HRM Manager in hotel which has just been renovated into a five star one. On line bookings for the period November to December 2007 give good indications that the hotel will be operating under full capacity during the aforesaid period. In order to maintain the goodwill of the organisation through excellent service, the Managing Director has requested you to provide a report as to how you are going to manage this peak period using the various employee resourcing choices you have with proper justification.

The departments concerned are : Front office, Restaurant/ Bar, Room service and you have been given the liberty to ask any relevant questions to colleagues from various other departments.

You have been however requested to take the following into consideration:

(i) costs should be kept to a strict minimum
(ii) optimum use of labour should be ensured.
(iii) present employees should not feel insecure in their jobs at any moment

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