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1.Is the assessment of the public image of the agency promoting the innovation important for the management of the diffusion process?

2.Discuss the timing of the agency's decisions in the diffusion process (from promotion and facilitation, to control and imposition), considering the evolution of general public knowledge access to the technology.

3.Considering that the process must have been used by many taxpayers who do not own personal computers, discuss the importance of social networks and the availability of computers in companies for citizens access to e-government.

4.Access publicly available statistics for e-filing in the U.S. and compare with the statistics that are provided in the paper for Brazil. Look at any available data over the past 10 years. (Google search term: electronic tax filing statistics in the U.S) may help you with access to this information.

5.Does the diffusion model proposed by Rogers work with various products we have discussed in class? i.e. Netflix, Redbox, Internet shopping (Amazon). Please discuss in light of the managerial implications mentioned on the previous page.



Reference no: EM13343523


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