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REQUIRED: Indicate the best answer choice for each of the following.

1. Of the following entities, which one is not associated with the public accounting profession?
a. state boards of accountancy
b. the FASB
c. state societies
d. practice units
e. the CASB

2. When providing audit services, the CPA is expected to be:
a. independent of the client.
b. an advocate for the client.
c. an advocate for the general public.
d. indifferent to the effect of the financial statements and the audit report.
e.able to make managerial decisions for the client.

3. Which one of the following is the service in which the CPA firm issues a written communication that expresses a conclusion about the reliability of a written assertion that is the responsibility of another party?
a. consulting service
b. attest service
c. accounting service
d. compilation service
e. examination service

4. An audit that involves obtaining and evaluating evidence about the efficiency and effectiveness of an entity's operating activities in relation to specified objectives is a(n):
a. internal audit.
b. external audit.
c. operational audit.
d. compliance audit.
e. financial statement audit.

5. Which one of the following types of services offered by a CPA is not an attest service?
a. examination
b. review
c. performing agreed-upon procedures
d. audit
e. accounting

6. The use of negative assurance in a report by a CPA associated with a set of financial statements would be appropriate only in:
a. examinations.
b. reviews.
c. agreed-upon procedures.
d. reviews and agreed-upon procedures.
e. audits.

Reference no: EM13343524

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