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Navy pilots use special terms to aid communication among themselves and with the crew of the aircraft carrier. A pilot who is told to "make it dirty" is being instructed to lower the wheels and the flaps of his or her aircraft before landing. "Call the ball" is another part of this special language that tells the pilot to line up the aircraft using a series of lights called the ball. The carrier crew will also tell the pilot "bolter, bolter, bolter" if a hook on the aircraft fails to catch any of the wires on the carrier deck designed to stop the plane. In this way, the pilot knows to accelerate, climb, and come back and try again. Answer these questions.


  1. What is another term for specialized language or terminology?
  2. Why is it used?
  3. Does it help or hurt communication?
  4. Would it be beneficial if individuals in your respective organizations used terms such as "make it dirty", "call the ball," or "bolter" when speaking? Why or why not?
  5. What are some specialized language used in your respective organization?




Reference no: EM13343521


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