How many shares of common stock would be outstanding

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Prefered stock, 4% cumulative $100 par $100,000
paid in capital in excess of par- prefered 55,000
common stock $50 par 250,000
paid-in- capital in excess of par- common 235,000
retained earnings 455,300
treasury stock at cost 700 shares 96,000

compute the following
1: # of share of common stock outstanding
2: # of shares of prefered stock outstanding
3: average issue price of common stock
4: Ave. issue price of prefered stock

b: how many shares of common stock would be outstanding if victory declares a 4 for 1 stock split
c: complete the part without the stock split in part b. prepare the journal entry if the board of directors declared and distributed a 15% stock dividends on the common stock when market price was $130 per share

Reference no: EM13343526


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