Paper on the changing role of the human resource department, HR Management

TASK:  You have been asked to prepare a discussion paper (ESSAY) on the changing role of the Human Resource Department.


This should include the following:


This should include a brief statement of the objectives and conclusions written in a way to attract the reader.


Thus should include the objectives of the work and the principle research methods'


A review of Collins (C3 Beardwell 2010)

The role of the Human Resource Department:

            A: In the International Organization

            B: In the Flexible High Performance organisation

Consider the role of the HR Department:  Facilitator or Organiser

Consider the expectation:  HR as an Outsourced facility  

  • Summary/Conclusion

This should be based on your objectives reviewed from a 'completed' perspective

  • Marks are awarded to reflect the structure. Do you have an introduction, a discussion that continues logically and develop within a controlled thematic and for Construction, which is concerned with appropriate word usage and .paragraph construction. And appropriate referencing.

The above requirements are indicated as the required areas of focus for you to articulate your individual responses. The submission of your work for assessment should be organized, clearly structured in the order outlined above.

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