Merits of a standardized international marcom campaign, Marketing Management

Question 1:

It is commonly said that political risks are among the most important ones to consider when a firm is considering to commit itself to invest in a foreign country. For any firm of your choice, you have been asked to:

a) Discuss the political risks signals that the firm needs to pay attention to.

b) Recommend appropriate responses that the firm may adopt to mitigate the political risks.

Question 2:

You have just been appointed as, in the newly created post, Marketing Communication Manager in a firm that is now firmly intending to export its branded products. You have been asked by the Executive Vice-President - Exports Division to write a report in which you:

a) Discuss the factors that need to be considered when developing an international marketing communication campaign.

b) Evaluate the merits of a standardized international marcom campaign.

Question 3:

For any firm of your choice, outline an international marketing plan that would ensure its cross-border growth. All recommendations must be adequately justified.

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