Assignment, Marketing Management

You are required to develop a Marketing plan for an organization strictly in either
manufacturing or mining or services based in Oman. You need to select a product or service of
the organization then develop marketing strategies to improve the Product/Service
performance and provide suitable recommendation to the management. You can add an
element of novelty to the entire process; it could be on the product features, Positioning,
Branding, and Segmentation (finding a new target segment for an existing product). You will
conduct background research (secondary research – journal articles, industry magazines,
websites, news reports) in the service or product area and outline major SWOT elements. You
will be required to understand the potential consumer market to identify a target market
(through the segmentation process) and develop a strategy to connect and communicate your
‘new’ product or service to the target group. The use of modern applied marketing theories
together with traditional theories is highly regarded. Use of journals and research will be highly
rewarded and is a must.

I choose Fahmy Furniture company
Posted Date: 12/30/2016 6:45:44 AM | Location : Oman

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