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Change in an Organisation:

It is a general saying that change is the only constant in life. Reflect on your own experiences. How the things have changed around you - both in your social life and your workplace? You will realize in which the pace of changes has increased manifold in the past few decades.

We are experiencing rapid changes in practically all spheres of our lives - food, drinks, relationships, clothing, ambitions, work, tools, living standard, techniques, etc. In this unit, we focus on modification at the workplace. Your own workplace may have undergone several changes, particularly in the wake of power distribution reforms. Our goal is to sensitise you to the ways of managing change in your workplace.

Thus, we start this unit through explaining what change is, what factors drive change and the various types of changes taking place in businesses. We also define some relevant models of change. At last, we discuss several strategies for bringing about change in a planned manner.

Further we explain how to manage the people's responses to change in an organisation, in particular, their resistance to modification.

Change Models Common Interventions for Managing Change
Drivers of Change in Business Phases of Planned Change
Process of Change Strategies of Change
Understanding Change
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