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Change Models

Here, we briefly define the current models of change.

C.D.S. Model

This is an extremely simple three stage model and the three stages are:

1.   Assessment of the current state;

2.   Developing the desired state; and

3.  Formulating the strategy or plan to move the organisation (or system) from the current state to the desired state.

Assessment of Current State

At this stage, efforts are made to explore, analyse and identify the problems and unused opportunities, understanding the causes and visualising the effects. For this, a climate has to be created whereas people share their opinions and experiences openly and the management is willing to admit the gaps, wastages, slippages, and other problems.

Generally, a long list is produced and it is necessary to prioritise and identify 'points of leverages', that is, problems that have high priority.

Action Research ADPI Model
C D S Model
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