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Strategies of Change:

Change has been a matter of huge interest to the Sociologists and Behavioural Scientists. The number of theories & models has been postulated. These have been compiled within the literature as seven pure strategies of change. We elaborate every of these strategies, in short.

The Fellowship Strategy

The assumption underlying this strategy looks to be, "If we have excellent, warm inter-personal relations & all another problems would be minor." An emphasis is placed on getting to understand one other and on developing friendships.  Groups which use this model frequent sponsor discussions, parties, dinners, and other social events which bring people together.

The fellowship strategy places strong emphasis on treating everyone evenly; this is frequent interpreted as treating everyone in the similar way. All people must be accepted; no one is turned away. While the group is making decisions, all members are permit to speak, and all opinions are weighed evenly. No fact, feeling, opinion, or theory is considered inherently superior to any other. Arguments are few, since conflict commonly is suppressed and prevented.

Academic Strategy Confrontational Strategy
Economic Strategy Engineering Strategy
Military Strategy Political Strategy
Some Principles of Change
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