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Some Principles of Change:

1 Organisation is a system comprising several inter-related/inter-dependent components. Change in one element affects others.

2 Accepting ownership in the change procedure best facilitates change.

3 Any change upsets the equilibrium of the organisational system - thus it will be resisted. Change interventions should be made in a planned way, or else the system would return back to its past patterns.

4 People  really  don't  resist  change;  they  resist  the  pain  or threat,  that they anticipate for themselves or others out of it.

5 An enlightened self-interest of stakeholders facilitates change.

6 Timing of modification is highly significant - time should be ripe for making changes.

7 An   accurate   and   comprehensive    design   diagnosis   is   necessary   for designing appropriate interventions.

8 Change agents are required for affecting changes. They must know how to analyse and maintain the restraining and driving forces. High adaptability helps change agents and change plans.

9 High self-awareness is required in planning for change.

10 People affected through change should actively participate in making the change.

11 The  acceptance   of  organisational   modify  will  increase  if  the  people affected  are invited  to contribute  to the change  process,  communicated honestly  about  all facets  of change,  provided  concrete  feedback  about  the modification and recognised appropriately for their exact contributions.

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