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Common Interventions for Managing Change:

It is extremely difficult to enumerate and explain all interventions for managing change effectively. Therefore, here, we discuss a few important generally used methods and present case studies.

A Communication

Authentic and done communication on the objectives, timing, coverage, costs, individual and organisational implications and change techniques and the consequences of not going for change and post change advantages is most necessary for managing change.

B Participation and Involvement

The persons likely to be affected required being included right since the initial stage. Their active involvement within all stages of the procedures will not only give valuable ideas at each stage but also inculcate a sense of ownership. For instance, by installing an incentive scheme in a medium size Engineering organization, the line managers & worker representatives were involved right from the starting, That is, from the stage of feeling the requirement, identifying the advantages and problems, collection and analysis of data, designing & developing the system.

Facilitation and Support
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