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Facilitation and Support:

Change initiatives should be facilitated through skilled facilitators (change agents). That helps within bringing an issues to the fore, proposal & resolution of conflict, team creating and development of a conducive modify climate.

Facilitation is a procedure in that a person, acceptable to all members of the group, substantially neutral and having no decision making authority intervenes to help a group improve the way, in that it describes and solves problems and makes decisions in sequence to enhance the effectiveness of the group. The major task of the Facilitator is to help the group increase its effectiveness through improving its processes. A procedure refers to how a group works together and involves how members talk to each other, how they recognize & solve problems, how they make decisions and how that handle conflicts and etc.

Facilitation is of two wide types: basic facilitation and developmental facilitation. In primary facilitation, it is expected in which the Facilitator would guide the group using the principles of effectual group processes observing both contents and processes. Within developmental facilitation, group members expect the Facilitator to monitor and guide the group's procedures and teach them how to accomplish this target.

•  Negotiation

Negotiation is quite meaningful in dealing along with resistance to change. It is also useful while resistance comes from a powerful person. Three primary types of negotiating styles have been elaborates - Tough battle and the Supportive Facilitator, Cognitive Reasoner.

A negotiator should know these three styles and should be well versed in using all the three styles as every style is effectual in a particular situation.

•  Co-opting

Assigning a key individual member a desirable role is quite effectual in maintaining change. A co-opted person becomes a Key Resource Person in charge of project and through way of his/her power base, is able to influence others. His/her included and contribution helps the change procedure.

•  Manipulation

This method comprises covert influencing tactics that uses twisting and distortion of facts to make them appear more attractive and potent. This also involves hiding or withholding undesirable information and creating rumours. Cooperation is also used many times as a manipulative tactic.

•  Coercion - Implicit and Explicit

This includes application of direct threats or force on those who are resisting or are likely to resist. In some conditions it might be successful, but in most situations it is not effectual.

We hope in which this discussion on Change Management will help you understand change within your organisation, the factors which are bringing about that change and how you could manage it for attaining your goals. In this rapidly changing world change is the only constant. Here we have tried to describe change, know the concept of change and kinds of change.

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