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Change Management in Power Distribution:

The reforms within the power distribution sector have brought about tremendous changes within the organisational structure. Several erstwhile state electricity utilities have been restructured and in a few states power distribution has been privatised. A Restructuring the power distribution sector has led to changes within the ways of managing the electricity business, along with emphasis on giving good quality service to the consumer and efficient operation & accountability. As a manager, you have to understand the structural and organisational changes and manage them in a manner which the distribution reforms procedure is smooth and effectual. In the procedure, you might require to adopt a variety of strategies in sequence that the employees in the restructured distribution utilities accept these modifications.

One of the most unmanageable and inexplicable problems that business managers of organisations undergoing change face is employee resistance to change. Indeed, you may have faced resistance to organisational restructuring yourself. As a professional working within the power sector, you would such as to obtain a holistic view point and maintain these modifications for the well being of all. We start this unit through explaining several responses of employees to changes in an organisation involving their reluctance and forms of resistance to change. We then discuss ways of managing resistance and various models of change management.

Change in an Organisation Employee Responses to Organisational Change
Managing Change Organisational Trends
Understanding Organizational Change
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