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Organisational Trends:

Managing change is possibly the single most significant issue for those who are entrusted along with the responsibility to manage organisations. In the previous few years, we have witnessed rapid technological changes & increased global competition caused through liberalisation & deregulation. These developments have to be placed greater demands on organisations that now have to be even more flexible, responsive & efficient. Organisations, big and little, the world over face the inevitable prospect of change that takes several forms and includes concurrently managing resources, emotions and processes. For these purpose, managing change in the contemporary world is a complicated & challenging task. There are various management theories, models and tools other than intense competition forces organisations to search ever new ways of grappling along with the rapid rate of change. Restructuring is one of the successful ways of meeting like demands imposed through rapid change. A current restructuring model all over the world are manifesting within the form of mergers & acquisitions.

Organisations are economic and social entities in that a number of persons perform multifarious tasks in sequence to attain general goals. Organisations also act as effective instruments and help individuals in accomplishing their personal goals that cannot be achieved through the individual alone.  Here, you will learn about emerging trends in the organisations & changes within their structures.

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