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Types of Organisational Structures:

Here we acquaint you along with the various kinds of organizational structures in vogue present.

Spaghetti Organisation

It is a form of boundary-less organisation, that finds to eliminate the chain of command having limitless span of control & replaces departments with empowered teams. In many an organisation, vertical and horizontal boundaries within the company are eliminated & external barriers among the company and its customers or suppliers are broken down. Through erasing vertical boundaries, a management flattens the hierarchy. Status and rank are minimized. In that way, the organisation looks more such as a silo than a pyramid.

The boundaries could be eliminated through creating cross-hierarchical teams, participative decision-making practices and the use of 360-degree performance appraisals. Horizontal boundaries could be decreased through replacing the functional departments along with cross-functional teams and through organizing activities around processes. These boundaries could also be cut by job rotation of people within various functional areas. This turns specialist within generalists.

Amoeba-shaped Organisation Cluster Organisation
Functional Organisation Structure Horizontal - Flat Organisation
Inverted Pyramid Matrix Organisation
Orchestra Product Organisation Structure
Spaghetti Organisation Vertical - Tall Organisations
Virtual Organisation
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