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A firm styled as an orchestra that could be a competent management structure. You might know in which an orchestra has a conductor and a team in that each member plays a variant instrument and at various times to operate a musical score.

The conductor ensures in which every player performs within synchrony along with the others.

Table: Advantages and Disadvantages of Orchestra Structure









1.   There is a lot of cooperation and coordination between the employees and the management.


2.   The objectives are clearly defined.


3.   The flow of information in the organisation is perfect because it is more of information based management rather than the bureaucratic command control.











1.   A perfect synchrony cannot be expected from the top management and the employees always because there may be some hindrances in communication  flow as there is no middle level management.


2.   The authority-responsibility aspects are not clearly defined.


3.   The control of whole organisation by the top management alone without the help of middle level management may not give good results.

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