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Spaghetti Organisation:

The external barriers could be removed along with the help of globalisation, customer-organisation linkages, telecommuting and strategic alliances.

The one general technological thread which makes the boundary-less organisation possible is a networked computer, that permitrs people to communicate across intra- organisational & inter-organisational boundaries.

In the below table, we present the advantages & disadvantages of this kind of structure.

Table: Advantages and Disadvantages of Spaghetti Organisation












1.   In the absence of vertical or horizontal boundaries, communication is earlier in the organisation, which facilitates quick decision making.


2.   This type of organisational structure promotes participative decision making which motivates the employee & develops their analytical & creative abilities.


3.   Job rotation leads to the development of an employee within all the functional areas.


4.   The reach of the organisation spreads, since there are no external boundaries.









1.   In the absence of vertical & horizontal boundaries the relationship among superior and subordinates is not clearly established.


2.   The authority and responsibilities are not clearly delegated as a output of that there might be confusion regarding "Who is responsible for What" in the organisation.

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