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Process of Change:

Previously we learn so far that change is the procedure of moving from the current state to the desired state (vision) of future that was display in the below figure. Making a change involves moving the work force in organisations and its work culture in line with the structure, strategies, processes and systems to achieve the desired state (vision).

875_Process of Change.png

Figure: The Process of Change

The existing condition signifies the prevailing status at a point of time of what the organisations looks like. The desired situation is the status that one desires to prevail; it is also known as the vision. The vision of an organisation helps in clarifying

  • What do we want to become?
  • How much needs to change?
  • What the organisation should look like while the change is completed?


The transition state might be delineated through ascertaining the activities and processes essential to transform the organisation from its current state to the desired state. That is a road map for specifying an activities, crucial interventions and events during the transition period. For making an organisation to modify from the existing state to the desired state, a few 'force' has to be applied.

Successful Change – The Three Step Model
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