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The DD drinks company was founded over one hundred years ago by a deeply religious family and has been recognised as being a good employer ever since. The company has a long history of supporting sporting events as part of its stated commitment to help promote healthy lifestyles. DD has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment to behave ethically while helping better the quality of life of society generally. A percentage of DD's profits are also allocated to a number of local charitable causes each year

Discuss the likely benefits of DD's enhanced use of the internet for marketing purposes.

Encourage global appeal

The phrase 'world wide web' confirms the potential scope of the medium. DD is the world's leading manufacturer and distributor of non-alcoholic drinks and the internet will make sure that it reaches a truly global market. 

An effective website

DD's increased marketing dependence on the internet means that users will expect a high quality home webpage. Like investment by DD could prove worthwhile and could become a further source of brand reinforcement and product promotion. DD's website might have competitions or other attractions for the user and will aim to gain user preferences and/or capture information on customers. 

Encourage traffic to DD's website

DD might use search engine websites like Google by paying to display advertisements with links to its own web site. Under this arrangement, DD would pay only when a user chooses to follow the link from its advertisement. This and other methods may be used to encourage people who are interested to visit DD's website. 


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