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A company needs to consider its marketing mix in order to meet its customers' needs effectively. Explain the four main elements of the marketing mix for an organisation of your choice and discuss their importance for an organisation


Explain the stages of the consumer decision-making process and discuss the role of marketers in each of these stages


Services are originally intangible and relatively quickly perishable whose buying takes place in an interaction process aimed at creating customer satisfaction but during this interactive consumption this does not lead to material possession?. Discuss the characteristics that marketers should take into considering when designing and delivering services


You are the Marketing Manager of a company which has been experiencing a decrease in the number of customers since the past 6 months and have decided to use marketing research to identify and resolve this problem

a) In the above situation, which research method/s would you use and why?

b) Explain why is it important for tourism organisations to carry out marketing research

c) Explain how you would carry out an effective interview



Reference no: EM133337

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