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Part A


a) Explain why it is important for companies to practice integrated marketing communications.

b) Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of three types of marketing communications.


a) Discuss four types of market segmentation. Provide examples to support your answer.

b) Explain the marketing concept.


Identify an organisation to discuss the following-

a) the non-monetary costs that customers may experience when purchasing the service. Use examples to support your answer

b) four pricing strategies that are used by the above organisation. Support your answer with relevant examples


Marketers often employ strategic models and tools to take marketing decisions. With the use of examples, discuss the usefulness of using strategic analytical tools for marketing purposes. Provide examples to support your answer

Part B


You have been hired as the Marketing Consultant of La Tour Koenig Bank. The Chief Executive Officer would like your expert explanation regarding the specific characteristics of services and strategies that could be adopted by the bank to effectively manage these specific features


Pricing is one of the most important elements of the marketing mix. With the use of examples, discuss five pricing strategies that you believe is most effective for consumer goods. Provide examples to support your answer


Discuss the specific stages of the consumer decision-making process and the appropriate marketing strategies which could be adopted by a company of your choice to effectively influence the consumer decision-making process


There are several market segmentation variables which companies can use to segment consumer markets. Using examples, identify five most effective ways to segment consumer markets

Reference no: EM133334

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