Survey of fault tolerance policy for load balancing scheme o

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In this paper our prime focus is on load balancing and fault tolerance approaches and for the same, Section II; gives an overview of some commonly used Load balancing techniques.

In our next section III; metrics and challenges for load balancing and fault tolerance in cloud environment are discussed. Section IV gives some load balancing schemes taken in account fault tolerant policy. In Section V above mention techniques are compare and contrast.

This report envelops:-

1.       Abstract

2.       Key words

3.       Introduction

4.       Load balancing technique

5.       Honey bee foraging

6.       Biased random sampling

7.       Active clustering

8.       LBMM (Load Balance Min Min)

9.       Work Load Matric & Fault tolerance Technique

  • Throughput & response time
  • Overhead associate
  • Resource awareness
  • Performance
  • Fault tolerance
  • Migration
  • Implementation complexity

10.   Divisible work load theory (DLT)

11.   Load balancing scheme including fault tolerance

  • Ant Colony Optimization (ACO)
  • Exponential Smooth forecast based on Weighted Least Connection (EMWLC)
  • Map reduce
  • Virtual machine mapping
  • Dual direct FTP (DDFTP)
  • Fault tolerance policy on Dynamic Load Balancing (FTDLB)
  • O-ring (Overlapping Ring)

12.   Discussion and Comparison

13.   Conclusion

14.   References

Reference no: EM13959


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