Managing ashland multicomm service

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Managing Ashland MultiComm Service

Recently, Ashland MultiComm Services has been criticized for its inadequate customer service in responding to questions and problems about its telephone, cable television, cable television, and internet services.  Senior management has established a task force charged with the business objective of improving customer service.  In response to this charge, the task force collected data about the types of customer services errors, the cost of customer service errors, and the cost of wrong billing errors.  It found the following data

Types of customer service errors

Types of Errors                                                                       Frequency

Incorrect accessory                                                                 27

Incorrect address                                                                    42

Incorrect contact phone                                                          31

Invalid wiring                                                                           9

On-demand programming error                                               14

Subscription not ordered                                                          8

Suspension error                                                                     15

Termination error                                                                     22

Website access error                                                               30

Wrong billing                                                                           137

Wrong end date                                                                       17

Wrong number of connections                                                 19

Wrong price quoted                                                                 20

Wrong start date                                                                     24

Wrong subscription type                                                          33

Total                                                                            ____________


Cost of Customer Service Errors in the Past Year

Type of Errors                                                                      Cost ($ thousands)

Incorrect accessory                                                                 17.3

Incorrect address                                                                    62.4

Incorrect contact phone                                                          21.3

Invalid wiring                                                                           40.8

On demand Programming errors                                             38.8

Subscription not ordered                                                        20.3

Suspension error                                                                     46.8

Termination error                                                                    50.9

Website access errors                                                             60.7

Wrong billing                                                                          121.7

Wrong end date                                                                      40.9

Wrong number of connections                                                28.1

Wrong price quoted                                                                50.3

Wrong start date                                                                     40.8

Wrong subscription type                                                         60.1

Total                                                                                       ­­­______


Type of Cost and Wrong Billing Errors

Type of Wrong Billing Errors                                             Cost ($thousands)

Declined or held transactions                                                             7.6

Incorrect account number                                                       104.3

Invalid verification                                                                 9.8

Total                                                                                      121.7

Reference no: EM13960

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