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In the module on WSDL you were presented with the details of the WSDL service that receives a request for a stock market quote and returns the quote. The basic structure of a WSDL XML document is:

<source lang="xml">
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!- defines the types that will be used --!>
<!- XML messages, composed from types, used in exchanges --!>
<!- define operations --!>
<!- define transport protocols --!>
<!- location of service, the service endpoint --!>

Use the material in the module as a model for creating a WSDL document for a Web Service that returns today's date. You do not actually have to implement the service since all we require is the interface in XML. So you will actually create and submit an XML document that uses the skeleton structure given above but where all of the placeholders are replaced by the actual XML to define the service interfaces.

Reference no: EM13722


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