Design of sample and hold amplifiers for 100 msps by using n

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Sample-and-hold (S/H) is an important analog building block with many applications, including analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) and switched-capacitor filters. The function of the S/H circuit is to sample an analog input signal and hold this value over a certain length of time for subsequent processing.

This project report involves:-

1.       Introduction

2.       Sample and Hold amplifier

  • Introduction
  • Charge induction
  • Clock feethrough
  • Types of Simulation

3.       BOOTSTRAP Switch Design

  • Introduction
  • Design Criteria
  • Track and Hold Circuit
  • Design and sample of Hold Circuit
  • Sample and Hold Architecture

4.       Simulation Results

  • Gain and phase plots of OTA
  • CMRR plots of OTA
  • PSRR plots of OTA
  • Design Specifications of OTA
  • Sample and Hold amplifier transient responses
  • Sample and Hold amplifier transient differential responses

5.       References

Reference no: EM13954

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